Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ornament Tag!!

So my sweet Amy tagged me to post my favorite Christmas ornaments hanging on my tree. What fun! I love decorating each year and getting to reminisce about days of yore and get all gushy about family and friends. I am a glass ornament girl, that is almost all I have. Thankfully the kids don't really play with the tree. Davis isn't much interested because he only wants things he can easily climb and conquer. Nevertheless, the important glass ornaments are up real high...just in case my little monkey feels like a conquest.

Okay, my first ornament is of Parker's hand in clay when she was 6 months.

The next ornament is of a glass car. It is Parker's first Christmas ornament. My mom got it for her because for her entire first year of life, she HATED the car seat. Whether it was a 5 minute drive down the street, or 11 hours to Iowa, she would scream like her leg was cut off. We tried everything, even putting a pool noodle under the car seat so it would angle it differently. I would just drive and cry along with her. Now, I can laugh about it.

The third ornament is a glass bunny in memory of Pearl, my late rabbit. She was a pet a got in college and I loved that rabbit so much. I fed her gourmet meals, daily. She was obese and cuddly and she got the name Pearl because she was white and round. She lived 8 years and died 3 months before Parker was born. Her nickname was Poon-dee. Doesn't that sound like a fat rabbit-y nickname?

Ornament 4 is a hand painted Russian Egg my father bought for me recently when he was on a business trip. He said he wanted to get me something just because he was thinking about me. That is why I like it, and that it is handmade, one of a kind.

Ornament 5 is an ornament my late grandmother, Bonnie Allen gave me that was hanging on her tree when she was young. It is a glass ball, very simple and tarnished a bit. It has to be at least 60 years old.

Ornament 6 is a clay cross my mom gave to me this year. I love it because it is made by an artist and it is the entire reason we celebrate this beautiful time of year. Hallelujah, what a Savior!