Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poor Hudson!

As most of you know, Hudson, our Boston Terrier, is our first child and the most wild. Well, here's the scoop...Hudson started acting weird and yelping last Friday night, by Saturday he was holding his right eye closed, constantly. I figured he had a brush with a stick or grass blade, but I kept my eye on him and started using some antibiotic drops that I had leftover from his last eye incident (remember, Parker poked him in the eye with a plastic fork.) By Sunday, after church, he had what looked like an ulcer on his eyeball. I kinda freaked out and told Jerry, Hudson was going to lose his eye, I just knew it! By, Monday the ulcer had doubled in size and I got him into the vet first thing. Hudson was in big time pain, holding the eye closed and sleeping all day, not even greeting us when we came home. Okay, long story, short, We got a referral from the vet to an animal opthamologist (sp?) Hudson was admitted that afternoon for surgery. Get this, he had a flesh eating bacteria on his eye that the normal, healthy enzymes were unable to fight off and it had eaten its way to the last layer of tissue on his eye. So, it was a hole that had melted through the eye and was on the verge of rupturing. He had to have tissue removed from the inner eyelid and sealed over the eye to help regain blood flow and salvage his sight! It looks really gross and he is on a whole slew of antibiotics. He doesn't act in pain, but he hates that Elizabethan cone collar. Parker has given him the nickname "Coney." Poor Hudson!