Friday, December 19, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Davis likes to do the "Hulk" when he is frustrated and sometimes on command. My friend, Courtney's son used to do this when he was younger, too. Maybe its a boy thing.

The Perfect Picture

Okay, Come on now! I am getting all of these beautiful Christmas cards with sweet, pristine looking children, full of smocking and hair bows, perfect smiles and utter happiness. Did anyone out there have as much trouble acheiving the perfect photo of their little angel(s) as I did??? Please share. Here are some of the many photos taken to get to the card we actually sent...Enjoy. Oh, and notice the one where Parker refused to be in the picture, but we went on without her. We were laughing hysterically at this point, even though you
wouldn't know it based on my expression. Merry Christmas!!!