Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Birthday

Yesterday, I turned 31. Crazy, right? It sounds so much older that 30. Well, I planned my day to be relaxing and fun, take Parker to gymnastics, hang out with my mom and go to lunch, then, dinner with Jerry that evening. Well, some of the day went as planned. I'm jumping ahead. Tuesday night before my b-day, Parker was having a 3 year old moment and got frustrated about something and swung a plastic baseball bat and hit me square in the face. (it was by accident, by the way.) It hit my nose so hard, I thought it was bleeding and Jerry said he heard it pop. Are you cringing, yet? So, after a few tears, (shed by me) I got over it. Next day, I look fine, by the evening I had two faint black eyes...on my birthday! I'm trying to make 31 look good, not so much, now. So, b-day morn, we went to gymnastics, then to lunch with my mom, so far so good despite the black eyes. Once we are home, Parker grabs the plastic card holder, fork thing, from some flowers my parents-in-law sent. She is twirling it around wildly and she stabs Hudson (our dog) in the eye!!! Now your cringing. He yelps and I didn't really see the whole thing and Parks told me she poked his cheek. About 5 minutes later, Hudson is sitting in the family room, holding one of his eyes closed. I took him to the vet. He has a deep "corneal abrasion," 2 types of antibiotics and 1 pain killer, and the vet suggests that we go to a dog opthamologist in East Memphis! Despite all that, getting caught in a rainy parking lot with no umbrella and 2 kids, Davis' "croc" bouncing under the middle of a car that I cannot reach, and having to take a rain check on dinner, my birthday was sweet. Parks and Jerry baked me a cake, My mother and father-in-law sent me flowers, I got 11 birthday phone calls, a new dishwasher, some amazing jewelry from my parents, Davis slept all night, and a card that Parker picked out herself. Oh, and a little happy from Amy. It was really funny. And as my best friend says when life throws a curve, "it is blog-able!"