Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our trip to Iowa

What is it about summer time that makes me not get as much accomplished as during the school year? I feel like I have really let the blog go this summer, as we have been busy, yet relaxed. Sorry to my in-laws, who hopefully read this to check on the lives of their Memphis family. Mid August, we took a family trip to Iowa to visit Jerry's family and enjoy the state fair. Deb, Jer's sister, took some awesome pics of the kids at The Ledges State Park. Parker got a 12 hour stomach virus and Marilyn, mom-in-law, helped with that, bathing Parks and cleaning sheets after the sickness struck. And 12 hours in the car with the kids was really great, no sarcasm, I mean it. Everyone played, sang and watched movies, read some books (lots of Where's Waldo) and slept...a little (very little.) We also celebrated Patrick's Birthday, dad-in-law.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just another Friday night in the ER!!!

As some of you saw on Facebook, we spent Friday night in the ER with Davis. At 8:30 Friday morn, he was standing in the kitchen chair and pushed his foot against the table, thus throwing himself backwards, cracking his head against the hardwood floor. He had that crying expression, you know, where no sound comes out for about 10 seconds, then screams. Right, that's the one. He cried for about 10 minutes, settled down and acted himself the rest of the day, just with an enormous goose egg. That evening, he beagn to throw up, but still acted normal after that. I called the after hours nurse at the doctor and she said to head to the ER for a catscan. I had a peace that nothing was wrong since "D" was all smiles and high-fiving people there, but it was still good to know for sure. Arriving at 9 pm and leaving after 2 am was exhausting, but Davis was fine with some soft tissue swelling and that was it. Whew! P.S. I know the radiologist thought I was a nut for pulling out my camera in time of crisis, but I told her I was a bit of a blogger. Awww, poor boy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

OMG it's NKOTB!!!!!

Crazy, right? Amy & Christy, both, won tickets on the radio and took me and Ashley to the New Kids on the Block concert on Thursday! Amy answered the question on the radio about Irene Cara being the singer of "Oh, what a feeling" that topped the charts July 1st, 1983. She is so smart! Only a tiny bit of help from the i-phone, but still, can you believe it? We met at Christy's house, where she had decorated the car and filled her ipod with all the NKOTB songs you could want. We headed to the Beauty Shop for dinner. Mmmm, I got the mustard seed encrusted scallops. From dinner, we parked and headed to mud island for the concert. It was so great, I think I screamed and laughed for 3+ hours. We were on such a high after coming face to face with some of them, we couldn't call it a night. We walked to the Kooky Canuck and ate dessert and cheese sticks. As, we arrived home and I crawled into bed at 1:30am, I couldn't unwind and I think I dreamt I was there at the concert all night. It was the most fun I have had in a long time.