Sunday, March 15, 2009


Our tile floors got ripped out, yesterday and it was super loud and super dusty. It sounded like a jack hammer in my kitchen. The mania started around 8:15 and crazy enough, Davis slept through it until 10! Good for him, someone around here needs to get some shut-eye. Jerry helped the two guys demolish my kitchen , 1/2 bath, laundry room and entry until 4:30. I was with the tykes at Mom and Dad's. I came over around 5 and the entire downstairs looked like someone had dropped a bomb of baby powder. Dust was everywhere, on the walls, inside cabinets, on all the dishes...etc. I had to wash everything inside of the kitchen cabinets, this morning. The toilet had to be removed, so now we have a big hole in the floor to keep the kids out of. Floors go down tomorrow and we are so excited. We went ahead and just decided to have them put hardwood in the upstairs hall, as well. Here are a few photos, notice the cloud of dust around the worker.