Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Latest on my Little Ones

Well, it seems the kids are changing so fast. I can't even blink or I'll miss something. Parker is our firecracker, full of drama, theatrics and loads of personality. She loves animals and where most little girls her age want to be a princess or ballerina, when she grows-up, Parks want to "shear sheep and have a animal farm with crops." She wants to be a mom of 9 children who can watch her shearing from day to day. Funny. Where she gets this stuff, I don't know. Maybe it is her artsy mom?? She has a invisible friend who is an adult woman named Fack-Fack-Fackie who works at an animal rescue and has a backpack of goats, two birds named Ketchup and Mustard, with a husband name Peter Gunglebreath and a dog named Faqueline. There is lots more to the story about Fack-Fack-Fackie that builds everyday. Parker loves to dance and perform. She is currently learning to read and is really enjoying school. Her favorite color is turquoise, but she will tell you turquesa which is the color in Spanish.

Davis is laid back and full of energy. He is running all over the house and not that into toys, he just wants to climb anything! The stairs being a favorite. He is very giving and allows Parker to snatch anything from him and he just laughs. He really enjoys eating and likes to slap the pantry door wildly when he wants a snack. Oh, and beware if he hears a crinkly bag, like chips, he will come running or wake up, for that matter. You better to be ready to share your food with Big D around. He is able to speak more and more clearly each day, but maybe it is only things a mother could understand. I know he said "I did it!" just yesterday. He can say "bath, ball, Hudson, Dada, Mama, pretty," and many animal sounds. As far as sleep, Ha, what's that? we've had a few, consecutive good nights, but not so much lately. So, if your up with a kid in the night, know we are, most likely, up too. I get a lot of praying done at the wee hours, so I think that's why the Lord wakes me with the call of a little voice. Notice in the photo, he is sleeping, but in the car and that window of time is swiftly passing as I'm racing to get home to the crib!