Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our trip to Iowa

What is it about summer time that makes me not get as much accomplished as during the school year? I feel like I have really let the blog go this summer, as we have been busy, yet relaxed. Sorry to my in-laws, who hopefully read this to check on the lives of their Memphis family. Mid August, we took a family trip to Iowa to visit Jerry's family and enjoy the state fair. Deb, Jer's sister, took some awesome pics of the kids at The Ledges State Park. Parker got a 12 hour stomach virus and Marilyn, mom-in-law, helped with that, bathing Parks and cleaning sheets after the sickness struck. And 12 hours in the car with the kids was really great, no sarcasm, I mean it. Everyone played, sang and watched movies, read some books (lots of Where's Waldo) and slept...a little (very little.) We also celebrated Patrick's Birthday, dad-in-law.