Friday, July 17, 2009

Just another Friday night in the ER!!!

As some of you saw on Facebook, we spent Friday night in the ER with Davis. At 8:30 Friday morn, he was standing in the kitchen chair and pushed his foot against the table, thus throwing himself backwards, cracking his head against the hardwood floor. He had that crying expression, you know, where no sound comes out for about 10 seconds, then screams. Right, that's the one. He cried for about 10 minutes, settled down and acted himself the rest of the day, just with an enormous goose egg. That evening, he beagn to throw up, but still acted normal after that. I called the after hours nurse at the doctor and she said to head to the ER for a catscan. I had a peace that nothing was wrong since "D" was all smiles and high-fiving people there, but it was still good to know for sure. Arriving at 9 pm and leaving after 2 am was exhausting, but Davis was fine with some soft tissue swelling and that was it. Whew! P.S. I know the radiologist thought I was a nut for pulling out my camera in time of crisis, but I told her I was a bit of a blogger. Awww, poor boy!


  1. Oh my goodness, we went through that!! It scared me to death. I was recently going through pictures and shook my head at HOW MANY TIMES we have had the proof of a wild boy in the way of stitches, scrapes, goose-eggs, etc. Girl, you have only just begun....

  2. JD hit his head on the tile floor today and I thought of you. He was climbing in the dishwasher and did a roll backwards onto the floor. The sound was loud but no bump; he was maybe three inches from the floor when it hit. Needless to say, i will still be watching him tonight to make sure there are no odd behaviors developing!